The "LOST" HSK Vocab (pre-2010 HSK Vocab)


People often begrudge the fact how the Old HSK (pre-2010) was more difficult, and thus better, than the contemporary one. So, I went out of my way of creating a Pleco Flashcard list of all the vocabulary that was omitted from the current HSK. Here you go; The LOST HSK Vocab.txt

There are a total of 4,150 original cards, with a total of 4,189 cards. There are 39 card copies due to how some of these are grammar entries such as "连...都...", which got condensed to just "连” which I chose to keep in there. The cards are divided over 4 categories, where the number at the end represent the amount of cards and percentage omitted from the current HSK;

  1. Basic (1033 - 782 = 251 cards lost / shrank by 24.3%)
  2. Elementary ( 2019 - 1309 = 710 cards lost / shrank by 35.2%)
  3. Intermediary (2205 - 1118 = 1087 cards lost / shrank by 49.3%)
  4. Advanced (3583 - 1442 = 2141 cards lost / shrank by 59.8%)

So, in total, the amount of cards shrank by 47.4%. That being said we did get a collection of 506 new vocab in the current HSK. Though, if you add on the expanded vocabulary of the BLCUP HSK6 materials, of which I made a flashcard collection here, that number goes up to 739 vocab specific to the new HSK.

A lot of the words in the OLD vocabulary that got omitted are nouns, and especially in the Basic /Elementary sections most of this vocabulary would be covered by lesson material or be so prevalent that it'd be almost impossible to miss out on.

For the entire vocabulary, please visit this forum post, or this Wikipedia entry.

EDIT: While I was writing this I stumbled upon a blog. , where everything mentioned above is portrayed and explained in more extensive/religious detail. IF you want you dive down the rabbit hole then give it a read. It's quite interesting.


Ahh, I copied it from the post I made on the Chinese Forums. And to my surprise when I clicked the link it gave me a download prompt. Maybe because I had it open in another tab.

On another note I've left the subcategories intact, because when I split them up it does it so arbitrarily. Would be nice if they could be split based on ABC so you'd have 50 cards in each. Going from A to C, C to F, G to L, etc. Not that every subcategory has a bit of A, a bit of F, a bit of Z.


I think you can ask pleco to split the categories up into smaller groups. I'll check the documentation tomorrow.