new HSK level 1-4 flashcard sets?


Hi all,

I'm using the HSK flashcards from website for my HSK level 4 exam preparations. Have downloaded them and imported them into Pleco. Great way of learning, extremely useful with the Pleco flashcard setup. In the meantime three question came up that I could not get clarified based on the website information or earlier Pleco forum posts. Perhaps someone can help with:

1. are the current flashcards from the website based on the new post-2010 HSK levels 1-4?
2. the new HSK level 4 vocabulary has about 1000 characters and about 1200 words (see “Revised HSK Structure” table on Yet the HSK level 1-4 flashcards from the website amount to more than 8000 cards. How can you explain that difference? Maybe I’m missing something here.
3. lastly, I see that the Pleco downloadable HSK flashcards are an adaptation of the website flashcards. Does someone know the difference between the two? Just want to be able to decide which of the two versions I should best be using.

Many thanks for your time and help!
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The new HSK list is structured into six parts (Elementary A1/A2, Intermediate B1/B2, and Advanced C1/C2).

Using character and word frequency analysis, I put together a set of lessons that include HSK vocabulary, along with all unique characters (many of which do not appear as single-character entries in the HSK lists) and supplemental vocabulary at a comparable level of frequency. There are 198 lessons total covering over 11,000 total characters and "words". The lessons can be downloaded in Pleco-friendly form from this page: in the "Free Downloads" section.


Hi all,

Managed to get a hold of the new HSK Character and Vocab lists from the Lingomi website ( Using these I have setup HSK level 1-4 Character and Vocab flashcard decks. I thought I'd share them and save you some time in case anybody else was looking for these as well.

If you are not familiar with how to import flashcards, here is what I did:

1. Get your iPhone/iPad on your home network via WiFi.

2. In Flashcards hit the import cards function. 

3. Hit Upload from computer.

4. Now open a web browser to IP address and port which is shown to you. You'll see a web interface.

5. Select upload and select the flashcard file and upload it.

6. Exit to flashcards page.

7. Select Import cards and select the file which you uploaded. 

8. Change definition source to "prefer dicts"

9. Enter dictionaries and set the order which you prefer dictionaries. * 

10. You may want to select prompt for ambiguous entries. Tuttle in particular tends to put different readings of a character as different entries so it will be more important for that.

11. Then hit Begin Import. 

Now you should have the flashcards imported in the category of "name of your list" that you specified above. 

12. Rename and reorder categories as needed
* I like to use Tuttle as the primary flashcard dictionary. Pleco C-E is equally great because it has been formatted correctly.

Hope this helps,
cheers Eddy



Eddy, thanks for the link and the step-by-step instruction. Greatly appreciated! Any chance that you are going to do the same for the HSK level 5 and 6 Character and Vocab flashcard decks? :)


thanks alot for your work. I've got one (perhaps slightly unrelated) question.
I'm new to learning chinese and was wonderin what the difference between the Chars and Vocabulary List is. I assume there are translations and Hanzi(?) in both sets...

THANKS again


Hi mingtaizu,
No plans for other HSK flashcard decks - busy enough as it is studying for the current HSK levels!

Hi dehein2,
Better to ask your teacher what the difference is between the two - I'm sure he/she will do a better job of explaining the difference than I can!

cheers Eddy