How to open Pleco on iOS and/or Android from another app?

Is there a URI or something (e.g. “pleco://好吧” that can be used to open Pleco with a specific char/word, something like Skritter does, on iOS and/or Android?


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There is on iOS:

plecoapi://x-callback-url/s?q=(search term)

You can add:

&x-source=(your app name)&x-success=(callback URL)

to add a button to return to your app / website afterwords.

There's not currently a URI equivalent on Android - you can easily launch Pleco from an intent but not from a URI.
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Thanks, I was able to add a plug-in to to open Pleco and look-up words :)
Is there a more complete documentation of the URI features that are available? (perhaps a Reader that is able to use the ctext URIs would be useful!)