How to input pinyin with CJKOS


i just downloaded CJKOS into my Palm Treo 650 and am trying to input chinese characters using pinyin but am not sure how. I activated the CJKOS application which turns my entire palm menu into Chinese. When I go into Messages or memo or whatever and just type with the QWERTY keyboard I still get regular english letters. What do I have to do to make it where I type these letters in pin yin and I can see the characters and then select what to show on the screen? There must be like an easy command that I'm just not activating.

Also, how do I keep the menu in English but am able to still use chinese characters in applications like messaging, email, memo, etc... Is there a way to easily go back and forth between english and chinese characters?


To activate the Pin Yin keyboard on your Treo 650 press the menu key then the "k" key. An on screen keyboard will come up but you can use it or the thumb pad for entry.

To change your menus back to English click on CJKOS in preferences then under the second tab uncheck the last item on the page.