Hanyu Da Cidian pinyin errors?


I am forever grateful for having the Hanyu Da Cidian (HDC) on my tiny little phone; it's an invaluable research tool and a great way to impress my Chinese friends! Having used it for a while, I have come across a couple of differences in pinyin values for certain words in this dictionary compared to other Chinese dictionaries I have (the Taiwanese MoE dictionary, Pleco's very own, and the CC Chinese-English dictionary) which might be errors, given that they differ from standard pronunciation in Mainland China. Not having access to a hard copy of HDC, I regret that I cannot check these myself:

1. 暖和 - HDC nuan3 he2, other dictionaries nuan3 huo (yet see MoE nuan3 he2 he2 for 暖和和)
2. 肮脏 - HDC 1. kang3 zang1; 2. kang3 zang3 (yet see ang1zang1qi4 for 肮脏气), other dictionaries ang1 zang (although the MoE dictionary agrees with HDC on the last one)

Is it possible to check these entries against the dictionary to see if there is some sort of computer error? Might there be more differences in pinyin values? Are these errors or literary pronunciations of some kind? I'd be grateful if someone could help me find the answer!

---Ximenez Kin


Staff member
The original HDC doesn't include Pinyin for multi-character words; that's all our own addition. I'll add these to our list of entries to review.