Export with example sentences from another dict

today I bought a german-chinese pleco-Dict.
Now I am quite happy about the good qualtity of the example sentences.

I use Pleco to look up words during class and later put them into anki for SRS.
If I include the dictionary definitions i get the examples from another dictionary, even i placed the german dictionary as first dictionary in dictionary management section. Is it possible to get these example in the export file? How?

One question more: It seems that the pinyin section contains the tone as number, while the example sentences containts the pinyin als tone symbol.
I think the latter is much better to read.
Can I somehow change this to tone symbols?
Currenty I copy every word from pleco export file to google translate for making it pretty and then into anki.
This is a quite time-consuming process.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Which German dictionary? I believe most of them are enabled for export but if this one isn't we can double-check why not. (could just be an incorrect setting on our server)

For Pinyin tone marks, does it help if you turn on the 'format as dict header' option?
Hi Mike,
My new native dictionary is the "Lernwoerterbuch Chinesisch", the beginner german dictionary.
I feel using your own language dictionary have big advantages for studying chinese as I now don't need to use english as a bridge language so often any more.

I dont' find the option "format as dict header", neither in the export area, nor in the settings. Can you please navigate me to the option?

Kind Regards


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Ah, sorry, thought you were using the direct Anki integration one-card-at-a-time. The formatting option is only there, not in text exports.

Go into the Pleco "Registration" screen, write down your Registration ID, tap Deactivate, tap Enter Registration ID, and re-enter your ID and you should now be able to export entries from that dictionary.
Hi Mike,
you mentioned "direct integration one-card-at-a-time".
Searching the forum and google about it, i don't find anything.
This sounds like a important feature.
Could you give me a hint how to use that?

I found something about an Anki API, but nothing for me as user.



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Settings / Flashcards, set your flashcard system to use AnkiDroid instead of Pleco. (you have to have a copy of AnkiDroid installed on your system for that to be an option)

With that configured, Pleco basically treats AnkiDroid's flashcard database as its own; you can not only add cards directly to your AnkiDroid deck but also check against your existing AnkiDroid cards for duplicates ([+] instead of + icon, and tap on that to edit / manage your AnkiDroid card within Pleco). Can be separately configured for each model in your AnkiDroid deck if you have Chinese cards from multiple mutually-incompatible sources.
This works quite good.
After the 1-to-1 transfer is done, I split the definition into the translation and the examples (separate Anki entities on my Anki deck).
This is quite efficient compared to my previous transfer.
@Mike: thanks a lot for your support!
One more questions: Pleco asked me something about previous cards, I thought Pleco wanted to copy previous card to Anki.
But as far as I could see, nothing happened.
So the best way the export my previous Pleco cards is what?
Going to the "history" and export the entries again?

It is not too much, because I previously transferred them manually to Anki and deleted them afterwards in Pleco.
Or is there is an even better way?


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Yes, either from history or by dumping them to a text file in the old mode / importing them in the new one; we don't currently support bulk export to AnkiDroid.