Custom fonts

Hi there,

Firstly, thanks for such a great app!

Secondly: What fonts actually work with andriod pleco?? I've downloaded a few and tried to follow what has happened in other threads, but none of the fonts seem to change anything....

I'd love to get a Kai font, does anyone know any which have worked for you?

oh by the way, needed for traditional characters. Do fonts always work with both traditional and simplified?

I tried getting some from my mac, they weren't recognized on the phone, a few I downloaded didn't change anything, and the DroidSans.... mentioned in another thread was basically the same as the original pleco font.

I'm running android 6.0.1 on a sony xperia z5c

Many thanks! I hope this thread can help some other newbies in this situation!


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Some of that might be the phone, unfortunately - Sony mucks around with their font renderer more than most OEMs and we've found that some Sony devices are more or less incapable of drawing any Chinese font that didn't come from them. Which fonts have you tried?
Thanks for the replies!

Just got the KaiTi.ttf from fontzone - works well! Thanks a lot!

The other fonts I tried were just some I found surfing the web: Kai.ttf / Zhong kai ti Font.ttf / hrkt-kai.ttf / DroidSansFallbackFull.ttf -- none here seemed to work, except from the Droid which was too similar to the original Pleco font for me to keep.

On the off chance do you guys know any Xing and Cao fonts which seem to also work?