Android + iOS Merge?


I feel like a while back I had read something about how Android and iOS versions were now able to work smoothly back and forth and/or merge together, but I haven't been able to find anything about that. The issue I have is that I have purchased both Android and iOS versions since I have two phones, and would like to merge my purchases as opposed to buying everything twice. Is this even possible? I'm thinking that unless it's something you already offer, that's probably a "no" but figured I would ask anyway.


Mike will need to merge your separate Pleco Registration ID’s into one, and then the purchases should be available under a single Pleco ID.


Hi @synagr, hi @JD,

Yes, you could list both of your Registration IDs in an E-mail to Mike at, telling him which one of the two you would like to keep. After the purchases have been merged under that ID by Mike, you can enter it in the Add-ons > Registration screen of all of your Pleco devices. From that point on, all of your purchases will be available on all of your Pleco devices.


If you wish to make additional purchases for all your devices using the new ID, I recommend that you use the Pleco Store at:


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