About price discount on Android.


Hello. I am happy user of Pleco.
So today i read this forum:

and found:

question was:
Does anyone know if you can upgrade to the bigger bundles and just pay the difference in cost or do you have to then pay for the full cost?

Not on iOS, sadly, as a few other people have already said. We wish that weren't the case - we do offer that option quite happily on Android - but basically, Apple's store doesn't allow for user-specific discounts (both by design and as a matter of policy) and our agreement with Apple precludes us from selling our iOS software through any other channel.

So seeing that price for Pleco Professional Bundle is 79.95$
and for Basic= 39.95$
i bought first only flashcard module for something about 9$.

Now according to quoted text from chinese-forums, price of Professional and Bundle should be now lower, but it is not, it is the same price as before, 79.95 and 39.95


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We can't do that automatically on Android because Google's system doesn't allow for it either; however, unlike on iOS, on Android we also have the ability to sell our software to people directly, and if we sell it to you ourselves we can charge whatever we like.

So if you email support with your Registration ID we can send you the final total and instructions on how to pay.